Welcome to AKHAN Technologies, Inc.- the global leader in diamond semiconductor technology. In addition to pioneering the world's most efficient n-type diamond material, AKHAN has made substantial advancements to the diamond semiconductor platform, uniquely enabling it for wide spread commercialization in microelectronics. Welcome to the "Diamond Age of Microelectronics"



Upcoming Events

  • Midwest Cleantech Open: Chicago Mixer and Entrepreneur Panel

    April 23, Coalition: Loop, Chicago, IL

    Join fellow cleantech innovators in the heart of the city and take part in a lively panel discussion with these visionary Cleantech Open alums:

    Adam Khan - Founder & CEO of AKHAN Technologies

    Phil Hoffer - Partner & Chief Administrative Officer of Inbalance Energy

    This intimate briefing is part of the Midwest Division of the Cleantech Open... (read more)

    New Diamond and Nano Carbons (NDNC) Conference 2014

    May 25-29, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Chicago, IL

    Hosted in the beautiful, vibrant and cultural capital of the Midwest, Chicago, Illinois, the conference will present high-impact scientific and technological advances, along with critical developments to enable the application of diamond, carbon nanotube, graphene and other carbon nanostructures and related materials in a diverse range of areas.....(event page)